5 reasons to feel more organised.

#1 Joining the newly purchased panniers is…. a front handlebar bag.

I did some riding this weekend with the bike packed the way it will be when I leave Bangkok.  Which, if I’m to think about, will be happening in about ten days from now.

Deep breath…and hold for three, before exhaling into a big sigh….

While the set up felt comfortable enough I was conscious of the unequal weight distribution.  It was all behind me with left and right panniers and my go-to day backpack occy-straped to the bike rack.

This new bag will take the Canon from the day back, and perhaps passport, travellers cheques, and wallet from the red bumbag – which I’ll take anyway – a real regular on o/s trips for me since its purchase in Brisbane over eight years ago.  Come to think of it, bought for my last trip to Vietnam.  A trip to Hanoi with JH, to to see Jim, before spending two weeks travelling overland to Ho Chi Minh.  A trip filled with many memorable moments, including it seems, devouring some succulent Australian lion, the date stamp on this photo, 25 April 2006, 11:58:43 pm. I’ll have mine with grrrrrrrraavy.

#2 Also getting ticked off the ‘to do’ list, a new bottle of chain lube, another spare tube, a spanner for removing the pedals and a tyre patch in the event a tyre of mine gets sliced open by some nasty debris.

#3 My bike is boxed, with pedals detached, handlebar separated, and tyres removed and deflated.  It took a good couple of hours too, just like the blogs said it would the first time. I’m not sure when I’ll next need to pack a bike in a box by myself, I’m hoping a friendly bike place in HCM will do it for me for the return leg but when I do, I’ll be able to do it in less time. Probably.

#4 I’ve finished mapping every leg of the trip using Ride with GPS.  This is a fantastic program I only discovered the other day. It saves “maps” to my new Garmin 510 (an early Christmas present, thanks Sam) that are able to be followed. It’s “maps” in inverted commas because while a GPS path is able to be followed, like you can on your computer, tablet or phone there are no graphics. None. No colour. No labels. Not even any roads. Just a line to follow and instructions for upcoming turns. It sounds strange and perhaps I’ll have to post a photo to help my description but having tried it out would say it actually seems to work quite well.

#5 After finding another couple of things today I’m happy with the collection of Australia-themed memorabilia (even if everything except for the boomerang is made in China) to give away to yet unknown smiling Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese I meet during the next two months.

$3 for a pack of three at a Chinese run two-dollar-shop type store in the main strip in Carnegie, which were later spotted being sold individually, for $3 each(!) at a souvenir shop on Swanson St in the city.

Five reasons to feel more organised, with one or two others still needed before Thursday morning.

Deep breath…and hold for three, before exhaling into a big sigh….


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