Rest & relaxation

I’ve been in Thailand for five nights, and have travelled zero out of the estimated 2267 kilometres I hope to cover before January 20.  That’s ok, all in good time.

I have though, had a very enjoyable few days with Dad and Moo, and family.

After catching up with Anne, Anek, daughter Lily and Ba Tong, Nai drove us to the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum.  Rated by TripAdvisor as Thailand’s top museum, free entry gets you a headset and interesting commentary from Australian veterans that guide you through the horrific details of the World War 2 POW camps and the building of the ‘Death Railway’.

It was excellent, but heavy going.

Later that day we rode a section of the track that still operates, the highlight being the Wampo viaduct, a (but not the) bridge over the river Kwai.  That’s in Kanchanaburi where we stayed the night.

Back to Bangkok and another night at Anne and Anek’s townhouse before an unexpected night at a luxury hotel courtesy of Dad.  I won’t be seeing much more of this for the remainder of the trip!

Great to catch up with my old buddy Haan last night for a meal.  A Korean I met in Melbourne who is now living in Bangkok.  We’ll do the same tonight and then tomorrow the trip proper starts.

Have a look to the right for new photos as I upload them to Flickr – not sure yet how to integrate to WordPress.

So strap on your helmet, put on your fluoro yellow safety vest and join me, because it’s a….






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