#2 Bang Saen to Pattaya

A very pleasant night in Bang Saen at a guesthouse advertised entirely in Thai. How did I find it? Well, I was aiming for this one but couldn’t see it. The one I stayed in was in the same street. Next to? A block away? Not sure. In any case, after cycling for 8 hours and 115km I wasn’t in much of a mood to look too far from where my Garmin directed me. It was certainly cheap and cheerful, but with air conditioning and the opportunity to chain my bike outside the door it suited me just fine.

I have a photo, but it will have to be inserted later as it’s on the DSLR, not the iPhone which I’m using to type this up.

So, day 2 took me 46 kilometres further south to Nai’s unit (Moo’s brother) in Pattaya. While the beginning of the ride was leisurely through back roads the majority was spent on the dreaded Sukhumvit Road (main highway).

The 46km took me just over 3 hours. 3:03, giving me trip totals of 161km and 11 hours 11 minutes, for those keeping score.

I arrived in good time. After lunch with Nai and some work colleagues, and a nap, I spent the afternoon relaxing, by cycling. To the beach and around the town.

A great seafood meal in the evening with Nai. It was all good but the chilli and fennel (the Dutch part of me makes it hard to not like anything that tastes liquoricey) pipis were outstanding. And then a little more site-seeing and games of pick the nationality of the tourist (by far the biggest percentages coming from China – all (most!) bussed in, in double decked coaches with tour guides waving flags to keep their flock from getting lost, and Russia, so many Russians in Pattaya.

I can’t tell you the name of the restaurant but if you are in Pattaya, and want to know the best place locals go to, it’s on North Pattaya Road, right here:


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