#3 Leaving busy traffic makes me ha- ha- happy as I’m ri- ri- riding along

November 29 was my third cycling day. And the nicest. Not surprising really as I journey further away from Bangkok.

It really was something special.

Not the beginning though. More of my least favourite bitchumen, Sukumvit Road. First stop is a mini-Tesco after a few kilometres for some breakfast, small tub of yogurt, then using the yogurt container as a makeshift bowl, some cereal with milk and a banana (do people really need to know my eating habits?) which I consume at another roadside pavilion type shelter. After about 15kms though I leave the highway taking a planned shortcut heading south-east and I’m greeted by the nicest sight possible. New road. Quiet traffic. So new you could smell it. Mmmm. Sure beat the smell of exhaust fumes. Single lane in each direction. Not many cars. A real ‘country road’. Something to get excited about! Well, if you are cycling.

It led me to a neat Buddha on the side of a hill.

And then to one more of what is fast becoming my favourite refreshments. An iced coffee, which in Thailand is a shot of coffee, poured over a plastic cup of ice.

I’ve got it sussed now. I buy a drink, 60bht, $2 and also ask for my big drink bottle to be filled with ice. I get a strange look each time, but I nod and smile and with my palm upwards motion higher and higher until it’s full. Keeps water cooler for longer, you know?

(More on what I do for water in another post!)

Beautiful conditions, rural countryside, forests mostly, a few small hills climbing upwards, and then a big one downhill. Hard not to let out an enthusiastic “wooooohooooo” as I reach my top speed of the trip thus far, 55km/h.

All this before lunch.

Great roads and weather coming into Rayong after lunch but with 20km to go, this, in the ‘dry’ season:

Not to worry. All bags had covers and while I sheltered for the worst of it, I pressed on when it eased.

I was aiming for a quiet stretch of beach just past Rayong and the Roots Reggae Guesthouse.

Looks good doesn’t it?


Promising to be a…

Cheap Guest House between Rayong and Ko Samet in Thailand.

And clicking further…

Roots reggae house is located on had mae lampeung. Guest house, reggae bar, pool table.

The guest house is near the beach, and is between samet and rayong in thailand.

This is the first guesthouse purely dedicated to reggae in thailand.

Yes, yes, YES!

Say no more. I’ll stay! Except I didn’t, not because it was fully booked with like-minded travellers, but because the internet description didn’t quite match the true description.

It was long closed. Not cool, man.

Cloud/silver lining though because where I ended up was something special. So much so I stayed for two nights, not one as planned.

Day’s stats: 80km, 6 hours 40 mins
Trip totals: 241km, 17 hours 51 mins


7 thoughts on “#3 Leaving busy traffic makes me ha- ha- happy as I’m ri- ri- riding along”

  1. Shame about the Reggae guesthouse. I expect there’ll be a few little hiccups with silver linings along the way. I’m anticipating a blog entry dedicated to the place you found though – way to build suspense 😉
    Enjoy relaxing on the beach. Wish I was sharing a coconut with you, like we did in Bandar Seri Begawan xxx


  2. A very interesting post Si! You write travel and adventure very well. Sounds like the trip is evolving into something exciting. Have a great stay on Ko Samet and we look out for news as you near the border and cross into Cambodia. Just thought to mention – stay on the tracks because there are still hundreds of thousands of land mines along the border and in Cambodia. Take care, Dad.


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