#7 Chantaburi

A quick one to finish yesterday’s post. I had run out of steam at the end of a(nother) long day and the wifi was having trouble loading the photos. This is turning into a bit of a slideshow as opposed to detailed travel writing commentary, but there you go.

Right then, so I checked into the River View hotel (450bht got me their most expensive room available, for under 200 you can get a windowless room without a power socket, sounded more like a storage cupboard to me) and headed out in the rain to find food.

It’s really not the town to blow your last Baht, a quiet place known for its gem trading. The Lonely Planet said early December was when a gem festival was on. The bike shop confirmed this but I really couldn’t see much activity. During the day perhaps.

I found the market though and had a couple of plates of pork and rice and a couple of beers from a nice chap, Mika, who added me as a Facebook friend.

There’s a bit more action around the lake. I had a wander and stopped into a bar with a band playing. A good vibe but I didn’t last long and headed back to the hotel to sleep.


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