#11 See Em re: Ep

The earliest start of my trip and I’m packed up and down at the jetty a minute late at 7.01am, ready for the boat to Siem Reap. By 7:28am the crew have agreed there is no point hanging around any longer and we are off.

It’s a great journey, along the Sanker river providing views of what life on the river is like and across a small portion of Tongle Sap, South-East Asia’s largest freshwater lake. I’ve taken some great photos on the big camera but here’s a few lower quality stills that will have to do for now.

A straightforward ride into town and my accommodation, the Angkor Pal Boutique Hotel. I can’t say enough nice things about this hotel and the staff. It’s really been a pleasure staying here. I even got to share lunch with the family and staff. Lovely people.

Siem Reap is busy. Not big city busy, but being the gateway to Angkor Wat et al there’s a lot of “hey mister, tuk tuk?” chatter because, well there are a lot of foreigners. I met some lovely people from all over the world. If you get past the “where do you come from? How long have you been in Siem Reap? How long are you/have you been traveling?” and there’s still mutual interest you can get to the next step. The nicest couple I met were Australian, from Melbourne. Cool, calm, collected and confident they were – exuding a different ‘vibe’ to others. Trav and Kara. We were sitting near each other for dinner and got talking. Afterwards, we took a stroll and paid $3 to sit on comfy seats facing the street and have our feet massaged. Turned out Trav is the bucket list guy, a serious adventurer, motivational speaker and coach. I shamelessly took a photo to post here and cross promote my humble travel blogging beginnings, but I lost it! I think he took one too so I’ll get it via email and update when I can!

The last couple of days I’ve been temple hunting. Yesterday I covered Pr. Kravan, Banteay Kdei, Sra Srang, Pr. Pre Rup, Eastern Mebon, Banteay Samre, Phnom Bok and Neak Pean. Today, the biggies, Bayon, Ta Prohm and saving the best for last, Angkor Wat.

Very crowded at the main sites but it does thin out for the rest. Endless offers of “Hey mister, cold drink? Coconut? T-shirt” from stall-holders.

And from children “hey mister, postcard? Magnet?”

As you may imagine I have quite a few photos to sort through. I’ll get there, but in the meantime, here’s a selection from today.

Tomorrow I’m back on the bike and going places. And I’m looking forward to getting back into rural Cambodia.


7 thoughts on “#11 See Em re: Ep”

  1. Wonderful to see photos of your trip and especially the temples near Siem Reap, having just been there ourselves. We will now picture you heading north towards the disputed temple on the border – Preah Viharn(?) Stay on the tracks; beware of landmines. I’ll be interested to hear if they let you cycle up the hill or insist you go in their 4WDs.


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