#19 And on to Phnom Penh

I’m without the aid of Sam’s Christmas present and what has been my main navigational aide of the trip for this leg. Despite attempts to fix it on the hotel lobby computer, located behind the desk not in front of, my Garmin navigation device, so good at pointing me in the right direction, is not working. For some reason, and I tried to cover them all, it simply wouldn’t recognise the routes I’d pre-planned. It didn’t really affect things too much as it was a straight forward ride, although I did miss a couple of the smaller lanes I was aiming for.

Another early start to catch scenes of sunrise over the Mekong. The beginning bit was special, passing though agriculture. The first couple of people I stopped to say “Sewer stay” to were ploughing using bullocks, the next were walking though the corn fields and using a sickle to cut those stalks with fully grown crops.

Morning-tea is beef noodles again. There are a couple of river crossings on the way, a mix of good and bad roads and then some super smooth highway coming into Phnom Penh.

Check into a rundown guesthouse, The Gecko for $10 but decide on being a true backpacker the day after and transfer to the Lovely Jubbly Villas. It’s dorm style but much newer with a nice vibe and a pool to chillax in and refresh before the next ride.

Merry Christmas to Granny and the Creamers, Oma and the Wissinks, friends, and the odd person that reads this that is neither. You’re not odd for reading this mind you, that would be a bad way to promote site traffic.

Missing Sam, family, and the traditional Dutch Christmas Eve buffet dinner.

Love, Simon


8 thoughts on “#19 And on to Phnom Penh”

  1. It looks so beautiful where you are Si !! Thinking about you today, wishing you a very happy Christmas, and know that you are so very much loved!!i think you’re an amazingly beautiful man, so proud to have you as my brother. Lots of love from us all for Christmas 2014!! Xox would be nice to FaceTime, if you can could you give it ago please xo


  2. Amazing to see the bullocks and the traditional way of ploughing the fields. As Justin said we are all having a little turkey…and ham…and red cherries etc …for you…Christmas in July sounds good Si – or whenever you are here next. My ‘Jamie Oliver’ turkey turned out pretty well, so I will cook it for you. much love to you on this Christmas day….mum


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