#21 Something else to tick off the list

It’s one I could have done without, but feel fortunate that I’ve made it this far into the trip without prior incident. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again though. Not fun.

I’ve just had my first night of the dreaded D&V.

I went back to the restaurant I had fried rice for lunch and do-it-yourself style BBQ for (Christmas) dinner the day before, and a lovely fish soup with plain rice earlier that day. The family that owns what translates to “Family BBQ” have been great to talk to, especially the owner’s brother who was in town for a short holiday, Kim Eng, an IT worker in Phnom Penh. He helped me compile a list of common dishes that I can order at similar eateries for the rest of my trip.

This time I had spicy chicken and rice, and afterwards a free dish of duck salad, prepared for me to say something like, thank you for entertaining us over the last couple of days, you seem like a nice guy, thanks for the stickers you gave the kids, and good luck for the rest of your trip.

I think that was the one that did it. Lots of leafy greens, and the meat too a funny texture, now I reflect on it. It couldn’t have been duck. More like seafood. Calamari?

In any case, I went to bed feeling very full and woke at around 2.00am with a need to rush to the toilet. I then spent the next five hours between the bathroom and the bed, experiencing what can be best described as violent expulsions of diarrhea and vomiting. Drink plenty of water, is the advice. My body rejected it within minutes of swallowing and I felt truly flushed out!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that when I stopped drinking I stopped expelling, and I was able to take some Tinidazole antibiotics.

I was able to communicate to the hotel I wanted some fresh sheets and the bathroom cleaned. I was able to put on a brave face and convince mum I was doing just fine. “You look pale”, she commented. I felt pale.

I persisted with the cricket and finally got a radio stream where I could listen to Australia make quick runs against India as I rested. And before too long I was able to retain water, and even consume my normal breakfast, shake. Yum.

My 24-hour bug lasted 12 hours. I’ve slept for much of today and am feeling better, regrouping for a ride tomorrow.


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