#22 Takeo, Kampot, and climbing Bokor Hill

In Phenom Penh my plan was to shoot through directly from Ta Khmau to Kampot but given the recent episode of food and water shooting through me, thought it wise to break the trip in two. So, that left a relatively straightforward 65km day of cycling Sunday to the provincial capital Takeo, and the Daunkeo2 hotel which turned out to be a perfect place to sleep under air-con during the hottest part of the day, before rolling around town later that afternoon when cooler to explore.

On Monday I cycled the remaining 87km to Kampot, a riverside town with lovely sunsets and more crumbling French architecture.

And today I climbed a hill. Bokor Hill. To Bokor Hill Station. I opted out of a steep hill climb earlier in the trip, taking a tuk tuk and motorbike from Sra’em to Preah Vineah Temple and wanted to make an effort to tackle this one. It was heavy going, climbing over 1000 metres in around 30km. Much of that was in the first 20km, with some up mixed in with some down after reaching the summit and a welcoming giant female Buddha. The people via the above hyperlink do a much better job of explaining the site than I could, so I will leave you with what I can provide and they can’t, photos from today.


3 thoughts on “#22 Takeo, Kampot, and climbing Bokor Hill”

  1. What an amazing finish to 2014!! The view from the top is something worth every overwrought muscle I’m sure! Happy New Year Simon, but how you’ll ever top the last few weeks remains to be seen!! hope the sticker supply is still going well. Think of the kids who will NEVER forget you!!

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  2. What a trek up the hill! Well worth it I would think. Such a variety of scenes. And yes, clicking on your link – Bokor Hill Station was so interesting. Would recommend this to your other readers. So, today is the last day of 2014. What a fascinating way to spend the last day of the year and see in the new one! xx


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