#23 Kep smiling

It’s Wednesday and New Year’s Eve. 26 kilometers on the bike gets me around the corner from riverside Kampot to seaside Kep, and after trying three resorts with no vacancies have success at Kukuluku. No private rooms but $5 for a king size bed in a breezy top floor ‘dorm’ room will do just fine. It’s early, before 10:00am and the only occupier of the room the night before is still in bed. I find out later said occupier is Ilios, a Greek 65-year-old in tiptop shape, ex-marathon runner, regular swimmer who has lived in Amsterdam for thirty years and has just retired from doing backstage theatre production work.

I cool off in the pool, have a short rest and read in the daybed overlooking the ocean before getting back on the bike to explore the town.

I pick up some noodles from a roadside vendor and eat overlooking the ocean. It’s a popular combination of activities and the promenade and general pavement is choc-a-bloc with Khmer families sitting on mats eating big meals either purchased from vendors/cafes locally, or prepared themselves on the spot using camping stoves.

It’s noticeable that Kep is keen on statues. Here’s a (by no means exhaustive) selection. Yes, but what are they of? Ahm, well, you got your giant crab. The white ‘woman who waits for her man’, Apsara, the harp playing celestial dancer, and others.

A beautiful sunset on the beach and then to a seafood restaurant for, it almost had to be, crab and local pepper. Delicious.

Happy new year all. May 2015 take you closer to understanding yourself, others, and the world we all live in.


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