#24 So long Cambodia, and thanks for all the fish

Thursday was my last full day in Cambodia. I spent it cycling the back streets of Kep, a city that suffered greatly during the Khmer Rouge and civil war period and hasn’t recovered. While the action in Kep these days is focused primarily along the coast, venturing inland into the city grid marked on maps reveals what once was with wide streets, big blocks of gated land and villas facing towards the ocean. The streets are now in a poor condition (actually, some were newly sealed indicating perhaps renewal is coming), the land left to grow wild, and the villas in various states of disrepair. I explored, and took photos of a minor cult attraction of Kep, the graffiti.

After a couple of rounds of Vietnamese style pork rolls I do some hiking in the Kep National Park. I don’t do the 8km circuit, instead clamber up and down the steep tracks carved into the hill. Tough going, but enjoyable with signage and seats to rest provided by Led Zep cafe and the Squirrel Association. Good job them.

Back to Kukuluku for a swim and rest, and then out for my last dinner in Cambodia, a barbecued fish with rice and sweet chili sauce.


2 thoughts on “#24 So long Cambodia, and thanks for all the fish”

  1. Welcome to Vietnam Simon! What an incredible trip through Cambodia. Kep beach scenery so beautiful, but neglected buildings a sad reflection of destruction for destruction sake. What an amazing history lesson you’re giving us!! Continued happy cycling and enjoy yummy Vietnamese gourmet delights!!


  2. Kep smiling as you get closer to…the beginning of something quite different. Interesting to see the graffiti. I wonder how Vietnam is starting off for you…I guess I will know with your next post…sending lots of love…M


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