#26 How Simon got his groove back

Another day bumming around Phu Quoc. Get up late. Leisurely food stop. Beach. Rest. Repeat. Leisurely cycle north past the port and over the bridge to a less touristy part of the main town for dinner, and then to a dessert bar for a fruit, jelly and glutinous rice milkshake, chocolate eclairs, and lamingtons. Sam is in the process of giving up lots of things, and sugar is one of them. I’ll get on board when I’m back in Melbourne but for the meantime….

Phu Quoc is very pleasant, but a couple of nights is enough for me. I returned to my hotel in the evening to plan the next week. Back onto the backroads. My week in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The swan-song of my trip.

So, here’s the schedule for Jan 6 to Jan 14, for those playing along at home. Mostly short rides and one night stays, with a couple of spare nights to use when desired.

Phu Quoc to Vi Thanh (80km)
VT to Can Tho (55km)
CT to Soc Trang (60km)
ST to Tra Vinh (50km)
TV to Vinh Long (65km)
VL to My Tho (90km)
MT to HCMC (70km)

Before I leave the island, a note on the dogs here. They are a special breed apparently, and have the noticeable feature of having a patch of hair on their back growing against the grain of the rest of the coat. Want to see one? The chappy in the photos below was fishing around for scraps at the cafe where I had lunch. Easy to see why they call them ridgebacks.

Right then. So today was the first leg of the last, and it was fantastic. I was back where I wanted to be. The roads were good, and the scenery interesting. For most of the journey I had a mixture of rice paddies and houses on one side, with waterways and boats on the other. There were lots of bridges to cross and lots of people saying hello.

I had a couple of stops for iced coffee along the way. The theme for cafés in this part of the world is hammocks, which proved a perfect place to rest the pegs. There was a big group at one that enjoyed looking through my photo album and I was offered some sticky rice in banana leaf from a boy who refused to be refunded for. I gave him a note with stickers in return.

I got caught in a storm heading into Vi Thanh (which was actually quite pleasant) and had my first bowl of proper pho for dinner. My hotel is great (details to be provided) and I’m about to go to bed I’m preparation for an early start tomorrow and a cycle past some floating markets.


3 thoughts on “#26 How Simon got his groove back”

  1. Groovy baby!! loving your groove bro, cruising along, making friends everywhere you go, you’re a legend!! Count down for the remainder days of cycling, enjoy!!!


  2. Simon – l just love that you know where and how to get your mojo back! And great you still have some stickers to give out. How lovely to receive a gift of sticky rice! Hope you have a great final week of cycling…xx


  3. Thanks for the continuing up-dates Si – I’m pleased you’ve got your groove back after several difficult days (I also had a ‘sick day’ on Monday but now well over it). I know you’ll be back in time for AD 2015, but in case you’re feeling a little homesick, here’s a link to one of my Woodford ‘gems’ – the Juice Rap News team, all about Australia Day –
    Or on Youtube –

    Continue to take care and maybe see you in MB after 20 Jan. Dad


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