Leaving Melbourne

Well……. I’m all packed up. My XL frame Giant has been dismantled and packed into a bike box marked L from the local bike shop. Panniers and various plastic bags filled with the trip’s necessities also manage to fit, and what doesn’t will come on board with me in my (hydration) backpack. 

Boxing the bike

I’m feeling quite relaxed about the trip. I have done much planning and thinking about it for the last couple of months, I’m just keen to get on with it! 

I’m not worried about the political unrest in Indonesia, which is happening much further west in Jakarta, Java, or earthquakes, the most recent devastating one is in Aceh province, way, way away in North Sumatra. What crosses my mind is much more immediate situations. What if my bike breaks and I can’t fix it? What if I break, so to speak, and I can’t climb the big-ass hill because I’ve spent the last 8 hours of the day climbing other big-ass hills? What if I can’t find food/ water/ accommodation?  Or what if what I do find makes me sick? 

But that’s part of it, right? It’s part of the adventure!! And unlike my tyres which have been deflated for the flight,  I’m pumped. 

I’m off to the airport. 


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