Day 6

​​Tuesday, 20 Dec, 2016. Atambua to Kefamenanu. Day 6’s stats: 7 hours 58 minutes travel time. 84.38 kilometres. Average 10.6km/h. 929 metres up. 822 metres down.

I didn’t take many notes today. Or photos. Let’s go through them quickly.

In the first one I’m having one of my rest stops and across the road I see a nun, dressed in white with a black habit. She was sitting still, on a chair outside her house. It looked like we were looking at each other. An aberration. Certainty for me, maybe for her too. I’m able to take a better shot as she soon walks to the road and neatly sits on the back of a motorbike. The shop owner tells me she is fluent in Italian having lived there and is off to church. 

The third photo is a neat example of embracing new technology while keeping a traditional style. Many houses in these parts had gazebo type huts in front of their homes. A good place to chillax in the afternoon heat, I’m presuming. Some were traditionally thatched, others were corrugated iron – with some sort of insulation underneath?? I didn’t think to check. As soon as I stopped I got swamped with kids.

Arrive late into Kefa. Hotel Cendana perfectly reasonable. A lovely fried chicken with lime and chilli sauce and a mango smoothie for dinner.

Very tired. Decide le tour needs la rest day tomorrow. I’ll be here for two nights.


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