In the holiday zone

Thursday 29 Dec, 2016. Ende to Boawae. Stats for the eleventh cycling day of the trip. 8 hours 30 minutes travel time. 85.67 kilometres. Average 10.1 km/h. 1326 metres up. 857 metres down.

Yesterday was probably the best day of the trip so far. Everything (except perhaps the cycling) was effortless. It takes a while to get into any holiday, and then normally it’s time to go home.  I’m fortunate that I’ve still got a bit to go, around two thirds. I’m having a great time.

Today went swimmingly as well, and included a swim in the Savu sea. The initial ride west from Ende is along the coast, and while there are a few small hills there is also a nice amount of time riding on flat roads. The beaches consist of very fine volcanic black sand, and one beach is covered entirely of blue pebbles. For some inexplicable reason I didn’t take any photos. I think I was in a holiday zone. Relaxed. In the flow. Living the moment. I saw the blue pebbled beach. Thought far out man, that’s cool as…. And cycled on. The day was a bit like that. A little later on I wanted a swim, so I pulled over, leaned my bike against a coconut palm, undressed to my shorts and jumped in.  Beautiful temperature. Even waves. Black sand in my pants for the remainder of the day -that I didn’t notice until bathing that night, at Sao Asih guesthouse in a remote town called Boawae. They even fed me so I didn’t have to brave the evening shower to find dinner. 

Another great day. Plenty of food options. A manageable Flores hill climb with a couple of coconuts for snacks half-way up.  Beautiful riding at the top, twisting roads through farmland with women sitting roadside selling the world’s biggest mangos.



7 thoughts on “In the holiday zone”

  1. Morgan says’wow’ to the the biggest mangoes, ‘uncle Simon, get some!!!!!!’ So nice to hear you had a wonderful day. Happy New Year brother!!! Love you heaps xox


  2. Sounds like a truly wonderful day Si! Re the swimming, I’m not really sure because people do swim safely enough in the tropics all over the world (eg at Kuta Beach Bali), but all tropical waters can have dangerous jellyfish. News story here yesterday – four people swimming off Fraser Island had to be hospitalised after being stung by the potentially lethal Irukandji jellyfish. These are normally found north of Mackay, but they are now coming as far south as Fraser Island due to ocean warming, due to global warming, due mainly to burning fossil fuels. Next stop the tourist beaches of Noosa. Another wake-up call, if one was needed. I remember swimming with sea snakes off Penang in 1972 but they left me alone. One more thing – treat any cut, anywhere, with Betadene immediately and keep it well away from all possible bacteria sources. Get back to OZ at the slightest sign of septisemia. Speaks a father.


  3. Sounds divine.
    Second Indonesian lesson.

    Saya guru bahasa Inggeris.
    I am an English teacher.
    Saya orang Australia.
    I am Australian.

    Selamat hari Ulang Tahun.
    Happy New Year.

    Happy! Contented!

    Sampai jumpa lagi.
    See you later.

    The auto-correct is driving me mad!!!
    Happy New Year, Simon!


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