New Years Eve in Borong

​Saturday 31 Dec, 2016. Gurusina to Borong. 13th cycling day. 8 hours 39 minutes. 99.55 kilometres. Average 11.5 km/h. 1634 metres up, 1958 down.

So my Garmin 510 is my main navigation device. It’s designed for bike riding, and while doesn’t have a map as such, you can send a file (think Google maps when you select a destination) to the device and a little line tells you the way to go. Before I left Australia I did all my route planning using gpsies. It’s neat. What it can mean though is I trust it more than I should (think Google maps sending people through fields and into lakes). I’m not quite that bad but if I’d spent a bit of time last night looking at a possible alternative to climbing that mega steep hill I came down yesterday I would have seen that there was a road heading south, that would have taken me to the coast and flat roads that I could have followed, that met up with my initial route planned on gpsies. I think the road to the village was too small to register and so it couldn’t find the coast road.

Still, not unhappy about what resulted. I was able to test myself on a serious climb. I made it without pushing, but only because it was a) overcast and cool, b) the road surface was good and c) it was early in the day.

I enjoyed it. And, it meant a nice long downhill to the coast. A short sharp uphill and a long windy downhill. Good riding all around! 

Pretty knackered when I reached Borong after 100kms though. In bed by 8pm as normal but awake at midnight with the fireworks. There are fireworks every night on the streets here but there were more than normal tonight. I got dressed and went to the street to check it out. Big party atmosphere. Not for me though. Back to my silk sleeping bag and ear plugs please.

Happy new year! 

Thanks for reading and special thanks for taking the time to comment. 

It’s uplifting reading messages from you. Despite being somewhat isolated it makes me feel connected.

I appreciate it greatly.



11 thoughts on “New Years Eve in Borong”

    1. Jus! Thanks bro. You should totally do it. Buy a motorbike and do it that way. Mechanics everywhere if something goes wrong and petrol sold in water bottles roadside so you never run out- that might be a good photo. I’ll take one for you.


  1. Happy New Year to you too Simon! Like you, I was in bed well before midnight and also heard fireworks. Explosions all around the house – it sounded like we were under attack! We’ve had Leon and Am staying with us – he is now in DFAT and hopes for a posting to Bali soon. And here’s something to report to you – I fell off my beach bike on NY Eve, racing down the short-cut hill on grass to join them all at the beach for a swim (going too fast on a sharp left turn the front wheel lost its grip and the bike collapsed). My knee instantly blew up to twice normal size and has been painful since, but is now healing slowly. Don’t repeat my mistake! Take care (I think you are a wiser head at nearly 37 than I was, or still am it seems!) Love from Dad


    1. Oh dear, that’s unlucky. All it takes is a little misjudgement. I’ve had to ride within my limits coming down these big windy hills. They invite speed but are potholed, and slippery with rain!!


  2. Happy New Year Si!!! Loving following your adventures, it’s become a regular story time for me to read to Morgan, ‘let’s read what new adventures uncle Si has had!!’ May the year ahead hold lots of loving, much peace of mind and many belly laughs!!! Love you lots!!


    1. Yes, it’s a bit like that. To make a small adjustment to what the great philosophers Suffa and Pressure say…Life is a road, full of turn-offs, short sprints and long runs, deal with things as they come…..

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  3. Happy new year Simon!

    I am really enjoying reading all of your posts – it sounds like you are having a great adventure!



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