‘Sup eh?

Thursday 5 Jan, 2017.

Another 6.30am alarm, a banana pancake and black coffee prepared by Cornelious, and a trip to the docks. Today though, to island number three, Sumbawa.  This trip a pretty painless 6 hours which I spent dozing in the shade on the top deck. The main passenger deck was a mini version of the previous ferry.  People sprawled out everywhere, rubbish being thrown on the floor or overboard, loud TVs, and chain smoking men. Didn’t see any chickens though. 

I was quite happy to sit on the floor next to the cockpit, away from people and listen to more adventures of Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salader. I’m now up to book two, The Girl Who Played With Fire. And doesn’t she just. 

We dock just after four, and I roll off the car deck and look for a hotel. Lots of differences are immediately apparent. There is much more roadside rubbish. The majority of the women are in head scarves, a predominantly Islamic island with Flores and Timor being predominantly Catholic. And there are horses and carts being used as taxis and to move goods.

I find a hotel in Sape and it’s grotty. And it’s not sealed so I’m disturbed throughout the night by visiting mosquitos. I don’t sleep well. 


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