I’ve been to Bali, I’ve been to Bali too.

​​​​Thursday 12 Jan, 2017. Senggigi, Lombok to Padang Bai, Bali. 23rd cycling day. 2 hours 42 minutes riding time. 34.62 km. Average 12.8 km/h. 43 metres up, 45 meters down.

The main streets in Mataram are busy although I make a nice accidental detour through the administrative district with large colonial type government office buildings and neat lawns. There was also an impressive mosque.No rubbish on the streets in this part of town.

More busy roads and quiet back streets to find the port to board the ferry to take me to the final island of my summer holiday trip, Bali.  

And so begins my farewell lap, first stop is the first stop, the port town of Padang Bai. Immediately I notice the Balanise architecture. I’m now on Indonesia’s only Hindu island and the carved sandstones and little banana leaf pallets of offerings have instant appeal. I mentioned Islam in a comment on another post. The signs of it on Sumbawa and Lombok were mosques (and in particular the megaphone call to prayer) and head coverings. If I think back to Timor and Flores, the predominant religion was Catholicism and this was evident with the churches, roadside nativity scenes and people wearing Jesus cross necklaces. Bali is very pretty.

I look on booking.com and find another place with a pool. Check in.  Swim.  Snooze. Wash and hang out my riding clothes and head to town for food.
Sit in a restaurant across from the beach wiith a brilliant orange sunset and order fish, asking for a recommendation. The tuna was caught today. Done. And I got a Bintang. My first since Christmas eve.

Redgum – I’ve been to Bali too.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been to Bali, I’ve been to Bali too.”

  1. Yes, and I went there before you were born and before I met your mother, back in 1972. The only bitumen then was down the main street of Kuta, everywhere else was sand and bamboo. The magic mushrooms were a flop but the two Swedish nurses I was with made up for it. Now in Canberra, love, Dad.


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