​​​​​Sunday 15 Jan, 2017. Toya Bunkah to Ubud. 25th cycling day. 4 hours 47 minutes. 41.82 km. Average 8.7 km/h. 444 metres up, 1221 meters down.

Drizzle as I cycle south down the slopes of Bali to Ubud, thankful I’d finished the hard yards of the trip as the cold has worsened, and I’m not at full strength, a half a peddle here and there seems about right at this stage. 

Farms and rice paddies for the first half of the ride and then all of a sudden it’s art and craft, tourist souvenir shops. As with other parts of Asia, the types of shop are clustered together; wood carvings, paintings, ceramics, and then as you come into Ubud every stall seems to sell sarongs and Bintang singles. 

Splash out on a lovely guest house and then take one in the pool.

Do the ‘rice field walk’, which really was quite nice, and walk around Ubud. Tourists everywhere. 


Monday 16 Jan, 2017. Ubud to Sanur. 26th cycling day. 3 hours 59 minutes. 36.95 km. Average 9.3 km/h. 97 metres up, 276 meters down.

 A breakfast that included a fruit salad, and not just a banana in a pancake and then another slow roll further down the slopes to Sanur. Turn down the first place I find, basic for 150 wanting to compare a couple but after an hour of exploring the area, including riding along the beach paths with other tourists on rented bicycles return. Everything else I found was double the price, for not much better.  It’s evidently an expensive area of Bali.

Rain in the afternoon and so I bypass a planned swim and sleep. Body thanks me.

​​​​​Tuesday 17 Jan, 2017. Sanur to Kuta. 27th cycling day. 2 hours 53 minutes. 20.41 km. Average 7.1 km/h. 17 metres up, 12 meters down.
I’ve been taking things pretty easy and today, reaching my final destination, Kuta, Denpasar was the easiest of the lot. I did have plans to cycle through the city and to explore the southern tip, perhaps finding somewhere in Nusa Dua for a night but decide I’m finished.

So here I am, Kuta baby. Two nights and then it’s back to Melbourne. 

I suspect there will be a prologue covering the next two days and the trip home but effectively that’s it. Done. Dili to Denpasar. December 14, 2016 to January  17, 2017.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me. 

Where to next? 


25 thoughts on “Denpasar”

  1. Ahhhh, well done Si! You made it ( doing a little jig in my head for you right now) !!!! Going to miss story time with you though, it’s been so special to be reading of your adventures from the comfort of my phone and now bed on the morn of my birthday! Hope the cold doesn’t stick around for too long and that the flight back is smooth. Speak to you soon!!! Xo


  2. Congrats, Simon. A really great achievement and what an adventure! Enjoy your well earned rest days and we look forward to seeing you soon (for Sunday dinner!). Love, Mark, Shona, Ned and Abbey.


  3. Wow, Simon, you have done it, what an epic journey. Thank you so much for sharing the journey with us. We have enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your photos. Well done! Love from us both Anna and David


  4. What a wondeful trip Simon! Like all other people who have posted, I have enjoyed following everything you have skillfully written to bring us along with you. (By the way, my thanks also to Yu for a great post, no problem with your English Yu!)

    I guess you are now back in Oz – while I was driving away from Melbourne, you were flying back there. I regret now I didn’t come on to MB and see you (and take Moo to the tennis) but hope to catch up with you soon, possibly I’ll fly down Jetstar again.

    Best of luck adjusting to being back (likely it’s even hotter here now than you had in the tropics) and I hope you can enjoy what is left of your holidays. Love from Dad.


    1. Thank you for your encouragement! Simon is a very good teacher, we are very fond of his class. You must be very proud of him😊!! Thank you for your family in this holiday to bring me a different kind of experience.
      I hope your family in 2017 all goes well!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What an amazing journey Simon!! Thankyou so much for sharing this incredible time with us, I’m sure you’ve turned quite a few ordinary days into extraordinary ones for many people you’ve met along the way. Congrats. on achieving such a hard fought goal!! Where to next indeed? I hope we can share in that journey as well. Enjoy 2017 Simon. We still miss you at AMES!!


    1. Thanks Jenny!!! And they have helped me have one extraordinary holiday. So you are still at AMES Flagstaff? I’m teaching at AMES Box Hill for the next six months!


  6. Read your every post,wrote this comment when you travel is coming to the end. Thank you for your every sharing, it’s very meaningful in this holiday! You took me to see the scenery I have never seen, know I have never been to the country, also let me saw a man can have such perseverance to overcome difficulties, really something!!!
    Reading your blog every day becomes a habit in this holiday. Sometimes I will give Iris look, and she would said”Wow, teacher Simon! What is he doing?”
    I especially like to see your blog comments
    , because every piece of your parents’ reply is very lovely,let me feel very warm!!
    Sometimes makes me moved to want to cry. I think only in such a loving family will give birth to such a good you.
    Hope the New Year can see you more new challenge. I will be your loyal reader!
    (sorry, my English is not good, hope you can understand. Until your next trip, wish my English can be improve, do not have to spent a lot of time with a dictionary to read your articles, and sometimes even do not understand) 加油噢!……Yu

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow…you have done it Si…unbelievable…2000 kms and so many different experiences. Some of which you have shared with us. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It has been fascinating and I feel grateful that I could be a part of it by reading your daily blogs. Only two more nights…I wonder how it will feel being back in Australia? Maybe it will take a little readjustment…but as you say ‘where to next”…what will this year bring? Hope you enjoy your last day or so and look forward to talking to you soon…much love…Mum


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