Dili to Denpasar

December 2016/January 2017


Packing up
Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016, Dili
Thursday, 15 Dec. Dili to Maubisse
Friday, 16 Dec. Maubisse to Letefoho
Saturday, 17 Dec. Letefoho to Atsabe
Sunday, 18 Dec. Atsabe to Maliana
Monday, 19 Dec. Maliana, East Timor (Timor-Leste) to Atambua, West Timor (Indonesia)
Tuesday, 20 Dec. Atambua to Kefamenanu
Wednesday, 21 Dec and Tuesday, 22 Dec. Rest day and Kefamenanu to So’e
Friday, 23 Dec and Saturday 24 Dec. Soe to Kupang and rest day
Sunday 25 Dec and Monday 26 Dec. Kupang to Ende
Tuesday 27th Dec. Ende to Moni
Wednesday 28 Dec. Moni to Ende
Thursday 29 Dec. Ende to Boawae
Friday 30 Dec. Boawae to Gurusina
Saturday 31 Dec. Gurusina to Borong
Sunday 1 Jan, 2017 and Monday 2 Jan. Borong to Ruteng to Lembor
Tuesday 3 Jan and Wednesday 4 Jan Lembor to Labuhanbajo and Komodo National Park
Thursday 5 Jan Labuhanbajo to Sape
Friday 6 Jan and Saturday 7 Jan. Sape to Bima to Manggelewa
Sunday 8 Jan, 2017. Manggelewa to Sumbawa Besar
Monday 9 Jan and Tuesday 10 Jan. Sumbawa Besar to Maroak to Senaru
Wednesday 11 Jan. Senaru to Senggigi
Thursday 12 Jan. Senggigi, Lombok to Padang Bai, Bali
Friday 13 Jan and Saturday 14 Jan. Padang Bai to Toya Bunkah and Mt Batur
Sunday 15 Jan, Monday 16 Jan and Tuesday 17 Jan Toya Bunkah to Ubud to Sanur to Kuta

Because every day is a nice day for a ride

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